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Mo Al-Bakara lost all the animals in his zoo during the bombing of Gaza in 2009. By far the greatest draw, were the two zebras. Both died and Mo did not have the financial resources to replace them. So he painted a couple of donkeys instead. This is the story of how one man's spirit won over Hamas, the Israeli Government and some reluctant jihads in an attempt to reopen his embattled zoo and turn Gaza into a tourist hot spot.

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Be careful what you wish for

A failed accountant comes across a magic jacket, which continually provides him with money. But soon he begins to realise that each sum is connected to a crime.

As the money escalates, so do the crimes, which creep ever closer to his own doorstep. He loves his new lifestyle, the cars, the girls, the suits, the holidays, but at what cost? And whose?


A man falls from a window. Not just any man, but a prominent scientist in charge of covert chemical warfare experiments for the US military. Years later the man’s son, unconvinced by the ‘suicide’ verdict, reopens the case with the help of District Attorney Joseph Meyer.


As a cold case, Meyer appreciates most of the witnesses would have expired. Less easy to explain is why the remaining few are dropping like flies. As ex ex-Black Ops veteran, Meyer knows how the CIA works. First they’ll ruin his credit, then his reputation. Soon his friends will start to disappear and he will be the chief suspect. But he’s prepared. He’s also gripped by the investigation. Obsessive.


He has a hunger to expose a Government he believes is out of control. But can he do so before orders are issued for his own
involuntary suicide.

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When recently graduated architectural student Matt Harper decides to rejuvenate a dilapidated lighthouse, he omits to tell his girlfriend that all the previous owners, and even those who tried to buy it, died in mysterious circumstances. Not wishing her boyfriend to lose his shirt, Martha joins him in the isolated north coast of Wales where the tide is in twenty hours a day - cutting off the lighthouse completely.

Martha tries not to listen to stories from the locals, which tell of gruesome deaths in the lighthouse and ghouls from a 17th Century shipwreck who haunt the beaches. But it soon becomes clear that the lighthouse wants Matt as its new keeper. And Martha is surplus to requirements.

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