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Dear Matt

Why are you continuing with the vaccination rollout when even the WHO estimates that the survival rate from COVID-19 for those under-70s with no serious underlying health risks is 99.7%? Those are good odds, no? You'd bet on that horse right?  


Surely 'following the science' would mean an end to the vaccine rollout and an opening of lockdown now that data by your own ONS suggests the long-term effects of lockdown will be far more detrimental than those of COVID-19?  


The WHO also says vaccine passports are a waste of time so long as the rushed and untested-on-animals mRNA vaccines have a limited protection against contracting SARS-Cov-2 - hard for a sane person to argue that position.  


With doctors refusing to take the vaccine, it is inevitable their patients who - up until now may have struggled with the idea of Governments not having their best interests at heart (bless) - might rethink their attitude towards vaccines.  


You need a get-out clause. To save face when 30-40% of the currently un-vaccinated population refuse to take the vaccine, which will also result in the vaccine passport data-grab initiative being on hold, you'll need to make some announcement as to how the vaccine rollout has been such a huge success that you are now able to release the country from lockdown (now the sun is out, they'll do it with or without you, so you might as well take the credit) with an additional £2,500 in their pockets for being such compliant, law-abiding citizens.  


If those 30-40% of people who refuse to take the vaccine are fine (let's face it, COVID has done a predictably speedy retreat) - then everyone will know the vaccine rollout for under-70s with no underlying health issues was unnecessary. And costly. And that we'll be paying for it long into our children's futures.  


This is not Germany of the 1930s and we have learned from history. 'Just following orders' no longer sits right. The irony is, it’s not ethics that’ll beat you Matt, but barbecues. Guy Fawkes might have the last laugh after all.

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